Octogone Europe is the Investment manager of Flab Funds – Flab Core. The Fund is an open-ended collective investment company (“société d’investissement à capital variable”) established under the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, with an “umbrella” structure comprising different Sub-Funds. The Fund is now established as a UCITS in accordance with the provisions of part I of the 2010 Law. 

The fund complied with Article 8 of SFDR

Sustainability-related disclosures

This compartment ….



Has a sustainable Investment Objective



Complies with Article 8 of SFDR (1)



Promotes environmental or social characteristics …



… with an environmental objective in economic activities that qualify as environmentally sustainable under the EU Taxonomy



… with an environmental objective in economic activities that do not qualify as environmentally sustainable under the EU Taxonomy



… With a Social objective



Integrates ESG Factors and Sustainability Risks based on proprietary and third-party research to evaluate investment risks and opportunities



Follows a reference benchmark to attain the environmental and social characteristics



Investors willing to invest in this strategy should take into account all the characteristics and objectives stated in the fund’s prospectus

(1) Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on Sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR)

Description of Environmental or Social Characteristics

The Environmental and Social characteristics of this fund include:

Minimum proportion of sustainable investments: The fund partly invests in sustainable investments, which means companies and issuers involved in activities that contribute to an environmental or social objective as outlined in UN SDGs and/or the EU Taxonomy, while not significantly harming any other environmental or social objectives.

S&P CSA ESG scoring: The fund invests in securities issued by entities whose ESG profiles have been scored by S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment, to ensure that only securities issued by entities that meet the minimum required ESG score for the fund are eligible for inclusion.

Sector- and value-based exclusions:  Exclusion filters are applied to the portfolio construction process to restrict investments in companies and issuers with significant exposure to certain activities deemed to be detrimental to the environment or the society at large.

Paris-Aligned Fossil Fuel policy, which aims at limiting the carbon footprint resulting from the investment portfolio.

Principal Adverse Impact (“PAI”):  The negative impact of investments on sustainability factors is taken into consideration as an integrated part of the investment process

Methodologies, Data Sources and Processing

In order to calculate the percentage of sustainable investments, Octogone Europe uses the Bloomberg data of the EU Taxonomy Estimated Eligible Revenue Percent. This is the percentage of total revenue generated by fLAB Core stocks that is derived from a Taxonomy-eligible activity. Percentage eligible is calculated by the sum of each security’s total revenue percentage within an eligible BICS (Bloomberg Industry Classification) code. Octogone Europe keeps full discretion over the implementation of exclusions criteria, allowing itself to deviate from third-party information when it considers to be meaningful.

Pre-Contractual Information and Periodic Reporting+

Aligned with Article 11 of SFDR, information related to Environmental and Social Characteristics of this fund will be disclosed in the annual report, starting January 2023.

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